My open source contributions: first semester of 2019


It’s the end of June and I want to take a step back and reflect on my open source contributions since the beginning of the year. I’ve made 770 public commits on GitHub in the first semester.

I’m working at Etalab, the French government administration in charge of data policy and I’m involved in the Public Interest Entrepreneurs program (hiring talents to work in the administration). 95% of the code I work on is open source. This is a huge privilege and I love it. I get to talk about my work, collaborate with people and help other open source enthusiasts.

Main projects

Here are the main projects I’ve been contributing to (in term of commits):

Overall I’ve contributed to more than 50 public repositories.

Data extraction

I extracted this data thanks to Google BigQuery, which provides a public dataset storing GitHub events. This was the best way I found to extract my public activity on GitHub. Unfortunately GitHub doesn’t provide a way to get this through the API (at the people level) or through a personal export. Here is the SQL request used to extract only my public commits:

  count(1) as nb
WHERE actor.login = 'AntoineAugusti'
  and type = 'PushEvent'


These open source contributions have been a great opportunity to work with others. Open source lets public administrations interact with other administrations, companies, nonprofits and other governments on a daily basis. It’s been a privilege to answer questions, explain how things work and inspire others. Of course I’ve relied on many open source projects and have been helped a lot by other contributors.

Thanks to all the community, see you online for the next semester!

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