Testing an os.exit scenario in Golang


Today, I ran into an issue. I wanted to test that a function logged a fatal error when something bad happened. The problem with a fatal log message is that it calls os.Exit(1) after logging the message. As a result, if you try to test this by calling your function with the required arguments to make it fail, your test suite is just going to exit.

Suppose you want to test something like this:

package foo

import (

func Crashes(i int) {
  if i == 42 {
    log.Fatal("It crashes because you gave the answer")

Well, this is not so easy as explained before. It turns out that the solution is to start a subprocess to test that the function crashes. The subprocess will exit, but not the main test suite. This is explained in a talk about testing techniques given in 2014 by Andrew Gerrand. If you want to check that the fatal message is something specific, you can inspect the standard error by using the os.exec package. Finally, the code to test the crashing part of the previous function would be the following:

package foo

import (

func TestCrashes(t *testing.T) {
  // Only run the failing part when a specific env variable is set
  if os.Getenv("BE_CRASHER") == "1" {

  // Start the actual test in a different subprocess
  cmd := exec.Command(os.Args[0], "-test.run=TestCrashes")
  cmd.Env = append(os.Environ(), "BE_CRASHER=1")
  stdout, _ := cmd.StderrPipe()
  if err := cmd.Start(); err != nil {

  // Check that the log fatal message is what we expected
  gotBytes, _ := ioutil.ReadAll(stdout)
  got := string(gotBytes)
  expected := "It crashes because you gave the answer"
  if !strings.HasSuffix(got[:len(got)-1], expected) {
    t.Fatalf("Unexpected log message. Got %s but should contain %s", got[:len(got)-1], expected)

  // Check that the program exited
  err := cmd.Wait()
  if e, ok := err.(*exec.ExitError); !ok || e.Success() {
    t.Fatalf("Process ran with err %v, want exit status 1", err)

Not so readable, definitely feels like a hack, but it does the job.

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