You don’t write code for machines

double m[]= {7709179928849219.0, 771};
int main()

You know what these lines print? They print C++Sucks.

Yes, really, you can give it a try if you want. If you want the explanation you can check this question on StackOverflow.

My point is that you don’t write code for machines. If you are happy when your code compiles or when it runs and prints what you expected, you are a fool. Of course it’s a success when your code does what you wanted to do, but this is the most basic thing you can expect from it.

Programming is difficult. Reading others people’s code is even more difficult. And yet you are going to do it everyday. So the next time you are going to write some code, or contribute to some code, keep in mind that your ultimate goal is not to make it work, but to write it in a way that should be understandable by other smart folks.

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