Spell check for a specific file extension in Sublime Text


I’m a big fan of Sublime Text. I always write documents using LaTeX and Sublime Text. I know how to write in almost a perfect French, but everybody can do a spelling mistake sometimes. I was tired to enable “Spell check” and to select the french dictionary everytime I had to open a .tex file. So I asked myself:

Is there a way to always enable spell check with a french dictionnary for every .tex file I open?

The answer is yes! Here is how to do it.

Open a .tex file. Go to Preferences -> Settings – More -> Syntax Specific – User and put this inside:

Do not forget to change the location of your dictionary! Save this file and start typing without making mistakes 😉

Adding dictionaries

Additional dictionaries can be found on the Sublime Text Github’s repository here: https://github.com/SublimeText/Dictionaries. If you want a new language, create a new package (that is to say a folder), and put language.dic and language.aff inside this folder. You will be able to select this language after that.

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